Friday, February 27, 2009

Life in SG - Jaime Party @ Changi








Stay tune and find out more fun stuff happening in the party...

NEW look and feel

Will be playing around my blog skin and look for these few day. I decided to change it to a new look because a wider format would more enjoyable for posting and viewing.

I will leave the old post as of the old format as it will take a long time to find and edit those photos in my old posts. Have edited the recent 2 posts though. :P

Cheers and stay tune!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Theme Shoot - Beach + Model [Part iv]

Ellis 04

Part IV of bikini theme shoot, i felt that the background was abit too messy (@Palawan beach). I liked this model look and pose, which bring out her strong personality.

Ellis 03

Ellis 02

The above photo reminded me those old day's calender, which I liked the feel of it.

Ellis 01

Ellis 06

Thanks for viewing.
Model: Ellis

Monday, February 23, 2009

Theme Shoot - Beach + Model [Part iii]

Meixian 01

Part III of bikini theme shoot. Well, the shoot was much better as we had prepaired a reflector. Special thanks to Reith for holding on to the reflector throughout the session.

Meixian 04

Meixian 03

Meixian 02

Meixian 05
Model: Mei Xian

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Theme Shoot - Beach + Model [Part ii]

Part II of Bikini theme shoot, due to the limited time and numbers of photographer, it was a challenge to get the right feel for the shoot. Let me know your thought of this photos.

Some snapshot while the Vanessa was taking a break.

Innocence look! Processed this photos in seventies effect.

Yawn, so tired and sleepy. Hahaha

Alright thats about it, thanks for viewing. Cheers
Model: Vanessa

Monday, February 16, 2009

Theme Shoot - Beach + Model 09

In a misty saturday morning, we had a shooting session at Sentosa. Though we were at the beach but those picture taken doesn't look like a beach photos :(. Guess what! Something is missing in the photos!!!! I didnt see any WAVE in the photos.... hahaha, the water was so calm at the place when we did the shooting.

Ok, here was some photos taken, I processed them in 'LOMO' effect. Hope that these photos gave a different feel.

Model: Willynn

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life in SG - Chingay Parade 09

30 Jan 09 Friday, 8.30pm @Cityhall [along ST Andrew's RD] Area 1

13 Floats with 4000 performers from 40 local organisations, 4 local international communities and cultural groups from 8 countries.
“Wonderland” is the first time an overarching artistic theme will guide the creation of floats and presentation contingents, retaining a strong Singapore flavour;
Many renowned, professional and “folk” personalities coming forward to make Chingay Parade Singapore 2009 a major difference!
Together with all participating organisations and performing groups, the People’s Association aims will offer audiences the best floats and the most colourful and visually impactful contingents in Chingay history.

Another highlight of The Grand Finale will be a spectacular magic and illusion show by Lawrence Khong as “King of the Magic World” and Priscilla Khong as “Princess of Magic World”.

Fantastic performance!

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