Thursday, October 30, 2008

China - Guilin [part III]

Today (still in HK) I went up the peak again by tram with my auntie and cousin. There, we visited the Madame Tussauds HK. I will share some of those photos once I completed my Guilin trip's photos.
Now back to Guilin, after a day of rain, finally it stopped for the night, where I walked to the 日月双塔 for it beautiful night scene as folows:

- () -

Aslo sharing some of the photos in some of the famous cave near Yangsou. Next I will share some photos taken during the journey from Guilin to Yangsou. Now its late and I am super tired, waiting for my camera batteries to be fully charged. Stay tune for more in the near future, as I will be traveling to China again this Saturday, cya!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

China - Guilin [part II]

Second day in Guilin, rain was following me everyway, luckily I hired a nice local taxi driver for a round city day tour.

Since it was wet everyway, the best place to go is the cave, 芦笛岩 was the choice and I love the cave in 1st sight.

Here the view before i went in the beautiful cave:

15s F/18 at 18.0 mm ISO100
Stay tune for more photos. Hope you guys like it too :P

China - Guilin [part I]

Guilin is a beautiful place in China, my 1st site seeing place was at the famous Longji Terrace. Though I missed their harvesting season but the view here still look extremely breath taking.

The above is a local miao girl who posed for me :P

Here I tried their local famous bamboo rice and bamboo chicken. I really missed the food, the scenery and the people.

Life in HK

Today is my fifth days staying in HK, this monday I just came back from China/Guilin. I was totally exhausted with this 6.5 days in Guilin/Yangsou.

Lets start with some photos taken in Hong Kong:

This shot was taken in cable car on 20 Oct 08, our journey back down from Ngong Ping 360 at Lantau Island.

Well on the same day I managed to catch the shows "A Symhony of Lights", this spectacular multimadi events, named the world's lagest permanent light and shound show by Guinness World Records.

This is fresh from my camera, today's show (28 Oct 08)

Well, I will be resting myself physically for these 2 days so will try to look through the China/Guilin photos and will update as soon as I get online again. Stay tune. :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Journey to HK/China

Well, tomorrow 6.45am I will be leaving Singapore for about a month for Holiday.

Will do updating and sharing some pictures, if I am able to go online in HK


HK view taken from avenue of stars (Tsim Sha Tsui), too bad I missed the shows "A Symphony of Lights" at 8pm

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Sunday Pink

Its a pinky daY, hahhaa The Sunday Pink in Flea market today, here you can find all the ladies stuff.

Do check out for its online store and latest products.

Feel excited to shoot for this special outdoor sales event for TSP.

Some of the hand make products for sale, look like little burger to me. hahaha.

Well, thats SY & her customer. This photo was done using photoshop (my 1st time doing this kind of effect, ps if it doesn't turn out nice.)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Russell aka 'Monster'

It started on Thursday night, while having supper and chatting along with sister and Rebecca, the topic suddenly change to 'Russell'. A little cute dog that everyone feared, it has bitten numerous people include its master, fierce hor.

Knowing about its background, I took up the challenge to shoot for Russell.

"Hey, My name is Russell;
People call me little monster;
A Jack russell terrier;
I am 11 years old;
What I like, hmmmm terrorise;
What I hate, almost everything."
(quote from its master)

"Wei, enough shooting for the day can? I am getting tired, yawn"

"O right, last pose, make sure you do it nice;
else I'll bite u."

Well, maybe I was lucky, Russell didnt attack me today, feeling good and exciting in this special outdoor shoot. haha

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