Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Theme Shoot - Beach + Model [Part ii]

Part II of Bikini theme shoot, due to the limited time and numbers of photographer, it was a challenge to get the right feel for the shoot. Let me know your thought of this photos.

Some snapshot while the Vanessa was taking a break.

Innocence look! Processed this photos in seventies effect.

Yawn, so tired and sleepy. Hahaha

Alright thats about it, thanks for viewing. Cheers
Model: Vanessa


Rin 。 said...

Nice shooting skills, but the model... like very shagged leh...

Nicholas VAX said...

Thanks ah.

I think u meant pic 4 and 5. Pic no. 4, we requested her not to smile and gave us an innocent look.
Pic no. 5, she was facing the sun while we were shooting. I managed to get a close up shot which she looked sleepy hahaha

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