Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Eugene + May Married!

Eugene and May got married on 16 Jan 09. I had a great time covering their wedding. They are such a loving couple.

The solemization took place at the pool side with a beautiful sunset.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life in Bintan - Eat, sleep, shoot & plenty of fun [II]


Let's continue on our beautiful Bintan trip. After sharing some of the nice sceneries in part I, I like to introduce some beautiful people.

Jamie has promised before this trip to be our model for the photoshoot; she did very well and gave all types of funny pose as well . Hahaha!




'不能空手而归,摘棵云回去做纪念. 哈哈哈'

Well, Jamie went back to Singapore after 2 days of stay. So I had to shoot without a model mainly taking scenery shot on the 3rd day. I was lucky to find a beautiful couple, Sean & Kaisa, who were walking along the golden seashore.

They looked so natural and relaxed while I took this photo.

Well, the island is so small that I met Sean & Kaisa again the next morning. Here I took a quick shot for both of them before they walked to the pool. Hope they like these photos too.

Life in Bintan - Eat, sleep, shoot & plenty of fun [I]

Bintan is the largest of 3,200 islands in the Riau Archipelago, Located 45 km southest of Singapore and a mere 45 minutes ride away by high-speed catamaran. The island boasts of 18 kms of pristine white beaches with rich marine life. Together with a few friends, we spent 3 days 3 nights on this beautiful island.

Morning sun at Bintan beach; couldn't captured the moment when the sun rose as it appeared on the other side of the beach.

Woot, look at the pose!

Simply love the rock, sea and sky.

Found this little propeller standing alone in the middle of a deserted beach

Place to relax and hide away from the afternoon sun

恶魔果实 from 'One Piece', hahaha

Well, that's one way to include myself in the photo :)

Waiting for the sunset.

Well, this is the moment...
Stay tuned for more potrait photos. Cheers!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Denis + Fern pre-wedding

Today (Saturday) was a great sunny day, got a good opportunity to shoot some pre-wedding photos for Denis and Fern.

End the photo shoot session with a sunset @ Ponggol area.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Theme Shoot - Internal Flame

Well, I am trying to shoot different types of expression that can bring out the feel of FIRE. I feel that some of the shots are still far from the type of 'Fire' that I want. Let me know what you think of these.

Confident flame that burns within.

Fire wall that stops everyone from entering her world.

Firely gaze

Internal flame that desires for more.

Model: Jan

Monday, January 12, 2009

Theme shoot - Cute Babe [Part II]

Lets continue on the 青春无敌, well I expected something more colourful to show young and energetic, but turn out to be black and red.

However, Vivien expressed well in this theme '青春', lets me share some of the shoot taken.

朝氣蓬勃 - The energetic feel when you are young.


'青春時期, 美麗的回憶'


Nature expression, remind me of old school time - 小時上學的時光

Have a close up look at the cute Vivien.

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