Monday, June 29, 2009

Prince Charming

reve 08

Love taking family portraits, its one of my happiest moment in my photography journey, children never fail to surprise us.

Introducing the super duper adorable prince charming, Reve:

reve 02

reve 01

reve 04

reve 07

reve 03

reve 09

reve 05

Ok, I am tired already,

reve 10

Thanks for watching, bye bye *switch off :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Life in SG - Shiyuan Happily Blissed Turning 24

tsy 07

Here come the story...
20th June, it was a cloudy Saturday afternoon, in Tanjong Beach @ Sentosa. A girl named Shiyuan was happily enjoying her moment at the beach...

tsy 09

After awhile she felt boring ...looking into the sky and started thinking ~ 'when will he come! '

tsy 06

Within minutes, 2 tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter appeared from the golden sunset, zooming across the sky. Shiyuan couldn't believe what she saw...

tsy 05

The guy, Shiyuan was waiting, arrived...

tsy 03

"What took you so long bee?"
'Sorrie dar, just completed my mission at area 24'

tsy 08

And the romantic moment began...

tsy 11

tsy 12

tsy 10

tsy 13

tsy 14

tsy 15

tsy 16

Together they spend their precious moments having fun and enjoying moment of love...

- The END -
Actress: Shiyuan
Actor: Andy
Art Director: Vax
Photographer: Vax

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life in SG - Someone in Love

Cheryl 01

Thoughts floating in my mind... Feelings of another kind... Inexplicable to me Are the visions that I see. The impossibility of such, This dwelling on you so much Has caused me to be free, and yet So captured by my reverie. This dream, uncalled for, yet so real That sets my heart up for the steal, And promises of nothing, or A chance to see you just once more.
by Roland Takaoka

Cheryl 02

Cheryl 03

Model: Cheryl

Bernice 04

She is searching for something... ... someone special.
Will she find him first or... ...

Bernice 02

Bernice 03

Model: Bernice

Lynnette 02

She is waiting... ... waiting for that someone special.
Will he ever come ... ...

Lynnette 03

Lynnette 06

Lynnette 04

Storm approaching suddenly,
Run to the window, look and see.

Alluring glance from me to you,
Without a word…you think it too.

Clothes in a trail across the floor,
from window pane, to outside door.

Secluded place, a grassy field…
In open view, (yet still concealed)

A blanket lay upon the ground,
Where you and I
And Rain

Warm wet descends from summer skies,
As birds and bees, cover their eyes.

Alas, the rain comes to an end,
Return inside…
to wait again.
Waiting for Rain
by Katherine DeJesus

Lynnette 01

Lynnette 05

Model: Lynnette

Bernice 01

Whose dream will come true...
the one who keep dreaming;
the one who keep searching or
the one who keep waiting...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life in Brunei - Friend + Golden sunset

brunei 24

On 26 May evening, my dad, Tom and myself went to a deserted area of Seria beach. I quickly setup my gear and started playing with light. It was fun and challenging as you can see from the photos, background light was changing from time to time. Lucky, I got myself a good model, Tom and excellent assistant, my dad; eventhough they were 1st timer... hahaha... most importantly, we all had fun.

brunei 25

brunei 26

brunei 27

brunei 28

'Ok, last shot for the day, lets pack up' '... waiiiit... '

brunei 234

Thats VAX-the-Man behind the camera... hahaha
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