Sunday, August 9, 2009

Life in SG - Pasir Ris Park

pasirpark 01

080809 - Joining a group of 20+ photography lovers, we ventured into a six-hectare mangrove swamp traversed by boardwalks for visitors to appreciate the rich mangrove flora and fauna. Most of the group members were doing macro shooting over there. For me, I enjoyed listening to the bugs Music, yeah is BUG's music/insect's concert which open 24/7, ticket: FREE... I felt that i was so close to mother nature.

pasirpark 02

While the rest of the groups busy shooting, I sneaked over to this quiet place. The sun was not strong, as there was a thick layer of haze covering the sky; sat under the shade; felt the wind; I wanted an afternoon nap here.... hahahaha

pasirpark 04

pasirpark 03

Situated prominently in Pasir Ris Park, GALLOP STABLE is the first public riding school where one can enjoy the joy of riding a pony. Trained instructors are provided to guide riders along.

Horse lover should come over here, as you will be able to get a close look at the beautiful horses and feel them as well.

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