Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sheryl + Ranka

SR 02

Sheryl Nome 'The Galaxy Fairy (銀河の妖精 Ginga no Yōsei)' is the top idol from the Macross Galaxy fleet. Since she is constantly topping the music charts, it is said that "there's no way you haven't heard Sheryl's songs as long as you live in this galaxy."

SR 04

SR 01

Ranka Lee (ランカ・リー, Ranka Rī), also known as Ranka Mei (ランカ・メイ, Ranka Mei), is one of the main fictional characters in the Macross Frontier anime science fiction series.

SR 05

SR 03

Sheryl nome = Rina
Ranka Lee = Jade

Photographer/DI = VAX

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