Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life in TH - One de' Full Day in Bangkok (Part I)

bkk - ayuthaya 02

Good morning Bangkok!

This is a simple One day guide for those who like to visit temples. Most of the activities are around Chao Phaya River.

Getting Ready!

According to the World Meteorological Organization, Bangkok is the world's hottest city, so please do not underestimate the heat. Do start out early beacause afternoon heat is draining your energy and there wont be much air-conditioning while temple-tramping.

Drink enough waters, as there are plenty of convenience stores selling cooled beverages. The only problem i faced was to dispose the empty bottle, I hardly found any rubbish bin ...

Since I was staying in China Town area, most of the temple are within walking distance. Do wear comfortable shoes and dress for climate. If you watch your budget closely, this 1 day itinerary will not cost more than 1000Baht/day. Single temple entrance or short taxi ride will not cost more than 50Baht, while simple lunch and dinner are around 150Baht.

wat suthat 04

Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat is one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok, famed for its beautiful roofline, huge golden Buddha, magnificent frescoes and giant swing out front. You will easily identify Wat Suthat, as you can see a Giant Swing in front of the temple.

The main wihan (hall) of Wat Suthat houses a beautiful 13th-century Phra Buddha Shakyamuni, a bronze Buddha image over 8m (25ft) tall. The ashes of King Rama VIII, brother of the current king, are contained in its base.

wat suthat 05

wat suthat 09

The splendid wall paintings cover an area of 2565 sq. m (27,450 sq. ft) and are perhaps the most extensive and important of their kind in Thailand. They underwent thorough and costly restoration in the late 1980s, after significant damage caused mainly by bat droppings.

wat suthat 07

wat suthat 06

wat suthat 02

The large and peaceful cloisters surrounding the wihan contain more than 150 Buddha images along the outer wall. The statues are in various states of repair, since each is "adopted" by a patron to make merit for a departed loved one, who may be interred in the base or the wall next to the Buddha.

wat suthat 03

wat suthat 01

wat suthat 08

Another part of Wat Suthat, over here has lesser people, I saw a few kids running around have fun

wat suthat 10

Here I met Manthos, from Greece. Let see the beautiful Wat Suthat from a different perspective.

Overall I like this temple as there are less tourist compare to Wat Pro. Here, I also met a friendly english speaking local Thai, whom I had a short chat and know more about Thai culture.

Open: 8.30-21.00 daily
Admission: 20฿

After spending around one hour thirty minutes at Wat Suthat, I continued my journey to the gigantic Grand Palace....

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