Monday, April 25, 2011

The World End with You


The World Ends with You, known in Japan as It's a Wonderful World (すばらしきこのせかい Subarashiki Kono Sekai) is an action RPG for the Nintendo DS.


BJ is a member of 777's band, Def Märch, along with Tenho.

He is a normal, black hooded Reaper, dressed in a similar style to many other Reapers. Though he is never seen performing Reaper duties, he is presumably a Harrier Reaper - though nothing is actually confirmed about his rank.


Uzuki Yashiro (八代 卯月, Yashiro Uzuki) is a major character in The World Ends with You and is a Harrier Reaper.

She wears a gloved sweater with a white corset and a pair of black shorts along with knee high white boots. The players call her "Pinky" because of her short pink hair and vibrant lipstick (though she's apparently touchy about this, telling Beat to "leave my hair out of this" the first time he uses the nickname to her face).


Mitsuki Konishi (虚西 充妃, Konishi Mitsuki) is a character in The World Ends with You and is an officer of the Reapers.

The cold and crafty Mitsuki Konishi serves as the Game Master during the Beat chapter, and is one of the most powerful Reapers. She is about 23. At first, she seems only interested in serving the Conductor, Megumi Kitaniji, but shows her true colors by doing whatever it takes to climb in the ranks.

BJ cosed by Wade
Uzuki Yashiro cosed by 愛珍
Mitsuki Konishi cosed by Jac

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