Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dynasty Warriors


Dynasty Warriors is a series of tactical action video games.

Lu Xun / Riku Son / 陸遜

Lu Xun is a young strategist of Wu who is almost on par with Zhuge Liang of Shu or Sima Yi of Wei in terms of intelligence and abilities, with the latter commenting that Lu Xun might become a future threat to him. He starts at the Battle of Fan Castle, where he devises a plan with Lu Meng that ultimately leads to Guan Yu's defeat and death.


Xiao Qiao / Shou Kyou / 小喬

Xiao Qiao is Da Qiao's younger sister and Zhou Yu's wife. She usually participates only in the battles that her husband is involved in and appears by his side. The sisters help their husbands defeat the local warlords of Jiang Dong led by Liu Yao and establish the kingdom of Wu.


Dynasty Warriors 7 Lu Xun (陆逊)cosed by Jean
Dynasty Warriors 6 Xiao Qiao (小乔) cosed by Daphne

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