Saturday, July 7, 2012

D.O.D - Forbidden Love


Dream of Doll
Lucifer DUCAN, who tempts God.
He hold the power over Aren – the city of water colors


Ducan got wounded severely during the fight with the priest SHA, so stayed in the outer wall of the city. During his stay, he met this beautiful and innocent girl and got cured by her, He found out that she is the sister of Aren who saves souls with SHA from him and get very confused.

DOD-elf-duncan Tender Shall-004 DOD-elf-duncan-+-sha  forbidden love002

xrysx @ Ducan (elf)
itchy-hands @ Tender Shall 
Helpers thanks emi-liaricx, blurmage, data-ronin, kent yeo, dharmaseeker, kosmo

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