Friday, August 22, 2008

Auntie Hwa UcanFLY Challenge

21 Aug 08, an unpredictable day, rain was dropping for an hour and a bright day was coming ahead of us, as we drove to the centre of city.

Around 3.45pm we reached our destination - The ├╝ber DHL Balloon Flight. We were so excited and ready to fly high before we were told that the wind was strong up there and the ride was suspended at the moment until further notice.

Sad ya!, we waited until 5pm and the wind was still strong. So we decided to shoot the surrounding and look for alternative place to go.

Even with the dissapointment that we cant fly up there, auntie Hwa seems to enjoy every moment: look at the shot :D

So we move on to Kim Cheng street - Tiong Bahru, this is the place where she grew up.

All the childhood memories and happiness have shown on auntie Hwa sweet smile.

Happy 77th Birthday auntie Hwa :)

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