Saturday, August 23, 2008

Singapore Fireworks Celebration 08

23 Aug 08, a special day for someone I love and I got free tickets to 08 Fireworks Celebration at Marina Bay. As I got these tickets very last minutes, cant get any friends to accompany me down there to enjoy the 30mins scene.

It was raining whole day, and I can clearly see the raindrop under the sportlight. At around 8.30pm the rain stopped. Everyone is waiting and hoping that no more rain...

Be prepare! The firework gonna go live anytime.

Light up the sky, light it!

Hmm, some how I see a Heart shape, maybe you can tell me what it look like :P

This is directly front view, which is so close up. But the exposure look abit strange

This view I manage to catch in some spotlight from the stage, as my seat is right at the centre.
Well lastly, I enjoyed this moment and wish Happy Birthday to my mum back in Brunei. Cheers :)

1 comment:

Yuuki said...

Wahhh pretty stuff =X I only got to see the view from the car for a couple of seconds this evening, with my bro n Christine ;) Heh... Better than nothing though ^-^

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