Sunday, December 7, 2008

Life in SG - SCB Marathon 08

Well today, I survived another year of 10km run, hahaha should say walked 80% of the whole journey and got myself a shiny silver medal to my collection.

Lets wait for the result and see how long I took to complete the 10km kekeke.

Today is also a good day to do street photography, tried to do alot of panning and got 90% of my photos fail :( Which means alot more practice needed.

Thats the best way to keep 'COOL' when you run under hot sun.

'Keep running, I will always be with you'

Father and daughter team


'Lets charge to the end point, we can do it'

"Arh, I run out of gassss..."

Am so tried, lucky I had trained myself alot especially in my HK/China trip, in which I walked alot :P

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