Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Theme - The Greatest Escape

Vax Production presents
The Greatest Escape

This story is about a brave hamster, Newbie aka noobs who was captured by a witch and guarded by many giant monsters. Newbie felt so scared and lonely but in its mind was planning an escape.

"I look cute isn't it? Do I look like a criminal? Freedom is what I need. Today, I will celebrate my independence"

So newbie started to search for its way out of the massive maze. This gonna be a dangerous mission as it will face the giant monster guard and the witch alone.

Bright light is shining in from the other side of the tunnel, Newbie thought he found an exit. It quicky climbed its way ou't the tunnel and found itself surrounded by the giant monster. Without a second thought he quicky jumped back down. Newbie got to find another way out.

Newbie found another exit in just a few minutes, it was so happy to see sunlight again.
"Ah I love the sun and the fresh air" "Here come my freedom".

Oh no, just before newbie was getting too excited, it got itself in big trouble again. The witch found out its escape plan... 'Where do you think you are going, LITTLE one?'

Newbie was so scared and he fell back to the dark cold tunnel again and started searching for other way out. Newbie was confused and it ran in all direction without knowing where it wanted to go. Newbie was lost in direction and hope, it started to give up.

Suddenly it stopped walking. Newbie was so surprised to find food in the dark cold tunnel. With disbelief, it stared in the air for 1 hour (hahaha maybe that's too long).

This surprised Newbie, and made it start to re-think its aim for the day.
"Oh man what have I been doing, I am here to seek my freedom!".

Without hesitation, the brave hamster started to search for its way out again. It felt so much confidence, like it has faced the worst situation and nothing can stop it from escaping now.

After trying 999 exits out of 1000, Newbie finally found the right exit without any giant monster or witch guarding it. It looked around carefully to ensure the area was cleared. Newbie knew that it needed to be careful and not make any mistake.

"No one sees me, no one sees me, no one sees me"

It slowly moved away from the maze and smelled its way to paradise, the place where it belonged.

Finally, with the hard journey behind, it found its new home and freedom.

The End

Thanks for watching/reading the story, I would like to share this story with all my friends and people who has viewed this blog. 'Never give up, keep going and you will achieve what you want some day'.

Star Actor: Newbie
Witch: Rebecca
Giant monster: Kenn
Director: VAX



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