Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life in Bintan - Eat, sleep, shoot & plenty of fun [II]


Let's continue on our beautiful Bintan trip. After sharing some of the nice sceneries in part I, I like to introduce some beautiful people.

Jamie has promised before this trip to be our model for the photoshoot; she did very well and gave all types of funny pose as well . Hahaha!




'不能空手而归,摘棵云回去做纪念. 哈哈哈'

Well, Jamie went back to Singapore after 2 days of stay. So I had to shoot without a model mainly taking scenery shot on the 3rd day. I was lucky to find a beautiful couple, Sean & Kaisa, who were walking along the golden seashore.

They looked so natural and relaxed while I took this photo.

Well, the island is so small that I met Sean & Kaisa again the next morning. Here I took a quick shot for both of them before they walked to the pool. Hope they like these photos too.

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