Monday, May 4, 2009

Life in MY - Kuala Selangor

kuala selangor 01

Kuala Selangor is a quiet town at the river mouth of the Selangor river. The city center is near the new bridge. Near the mosque there are also a lot of shops, but the old shops are favourite. Specially to the Malaysians, who come here every weekend from Kuala Lumpur to see the picturesque lighthouse, Silverleaf Monkeys and the fireflies.

We saw a large group of Silverleaf Monkeys at the lighthouse on "Bukit Melawati". This hill is also near the old center of Kuala Selangor, near the new bridge. In the weekend you can take a train ride to the lighthouse.

I spend this memorable 3 days and 3 nights stay in Kuala Selangor with lots of adventure stories. The story even started from Malaysia custom... like 'male' id, road gangster... ... 'black out' in the last night of our stay... ... hahaha for those who was in the picture will know what had happened. Also I had the opportunities to document the big day of Sheryl & Zhang Wei, stay tune.

kuala selangor 02

kuala selangor 03

kuala selangor 04

Sunset taken from the fishing village

kuala selangor 05

Sunset taken from seafood restaurant on our second day of stay

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Consia said...

Nice shots!!! Make me wanna go holidays again...haha...

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