Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zhang Wei + Sheryl Married!

SH+ZW 05

Its 1st May, an unforgetable AD wedding, full of fun and drama. Beautiful day, beautiful scenery, beautiful couple + surrounded by beautiful people.

Here sharing some of my favourite images, enjoy!

SH+ZW 04

SH+ZW 03a

SH+ZW 13

The bros...

SH+ZW 19

SH+ZW 20a

SH+ZW 21

SH+ZW 24

SH+ZW 25


SH+ZW 26

SH+ZW 28

SH+ZW 35

SH+ZW 37

SH+ZW 38a

SH+ZW 39

Moment for both...

SH+ZW 46

I love this shot, little chat time for both mother and daughter.

SH+ZW 54

SH+ZW 48


SH+ZW 63

Get the balloon away from me!

SH+ZW 65

Not drunk yet... cheers

1 comment:

Consia said...

Congratulation to Sheryl & her hubby!!! Beautiful bride and lovely photos!

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