Monday, July 13, 2009

Life in SG - Cosfest VIII 09

cosplay09 89

A very happy events, brought to you by the Singapore Cosplay Club and SCC Square. Cosfest VIII was one of the cosplay conventions that we have here in Singapore, and this year, it is entering its 8th year since it started back in 2001.

The events includes the selection of cosplayers competition that will have a chance to compete with worldwide cosplayers in World Cosplay Summit (WSC) in Nagoya, Japan.

Here sharing some of my take during the 2 days events:

cosplay09 36

cosplay09 35

cosplay09 21

Lets take a look outside the event hall. Lots of fun moment were happening during the event. Everyone were happy, funny and very creative... hahahah!

cosplay09 79

'Where is the 'Snake'?'

cosplay09 74

cosplay09 54

Here let me intro, this cutest, most adorable and the one that receive quite a few attention cosplayer...

mini, 孫 悟空 SON GOKU!!!!!

cosplay09 90

'Where's my Dragon Ball?'

cosplay09 84

'Bang, bang, bang. Don't mess with me, hahaha'

cosplay09 81

A good bye kiss from the star war trooper.

Stay tune... for some solo and group picture of various cosplayer.

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