Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life in SG - Cosplayers

cosplay09 29

Ops, hahaha... lets start with some dolls. These dolls are really cool, credits to the owners whom had taken time to well dressed them.

cosplay09 30

cosplay09 25

Next... the real cosplayers, I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all the friendly cosplayers in the cosfest VIII event for posing in front of my camera. You guys did GREAT!

Ok, here you go:

cosplay09 37

cosplay09 56

cosplay09 68

cosplay09 67

cosplay09 59

- The Musician -

cosplay09 77

cosplay09 66

cosplay09 48

And took a closer look of some beautiful cosplayers:

cosplay09 78

cosplay09 52

cosplay09 63

cosplay09 31

- ^^ -

cosplay09 72

Thanks for viewing

1 comment:

Rhetorical Wolf said...

Hey Nicholas! Great photography! Do you happen to have a contact of the cosplayer that did Halibel? I'd like to ask her about the sword

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