Thursday, October 7, 2010

Loveless ~


Loveless (ラブレス, Raburesu) is an ongoing fantasy manga by Yun Kōga.

Ritsuka Aoyagi (青柳立夏, Aoyagi Ritsuka)
Ritsuka is twelve years old and the protagonist of the story. He was named after the lunar day "Rikka," which fell on May 5 in the year 2005. His "true name" is Loveless, although it is yet to be seen on his body as the other teams' names are. He enjoys taking photographs and "making memories."



Soubi Agatsuma (我妻草灯, Agatsuma Sōbi)
Soubi is a twenty-year-old student, studying Japanese art. He is a former student of Shichisei Gakuen ("Seven Moons Academy"), a school for fighters, where Ritsu Minami was his teacher.

He introduced Ritsuka to the world of fighters and sacrifices and told Ritsuka he would be his Fighter Unit.




Soubi cosed by Ah Jia
Ritsuka cosed by Yang

Special thanks The Playhouse - rocherster Park Cafe for the location shoot.

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