Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bad Guy in Gintama


Gin Tama (銀魂 Gintama, lit. "Silver Soul"), also known as Gintama, is a Japanese manga


Yato 夜兎 literally means 'Night Rabbit', but the character of this tribe is far from being rabbit-like.

Kamui 神威 cosed by Hikairi

Abuto 阿伏兎 cosed by Marcus


Kiheitai 鬼兵隊 literally means "Army of Demon Soldiers". Resurrected from the 義勇軍 gi yuu gun (volunteer army) from the Joui Wars

Takasugi Shinsuke cosed by Shiki

Okada Nizou cosed by Jonathan

Kijima Matako cosed by Phoenix

Kawakami Bansai cosed by Aaron

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