Saturday, April 21, 2012

Guilty Crown - Apocalypse


Guilty Crown (ギルティクラウン Giruti Kuraun)

Apocalypse Virus
A newly discovered deadly virus that crystallizes its victims. Originated from a meteorite crash in Japan, the transmission mechanisms are currently not understood but upon infection, the host's body will begin to show various stages of symptoms where a crystalline substance forms on their body and the victim shows signs of insanity. There is a vaccine to prevent infection where regular inoculations are required.


Inori Yuzuriha

She is the 16-year-old vocalist of the a popular internet band called Egoist. She is also a member of the anti-government group known as "Undertaker".


Daryl Yan

A 17-year-old GHQ officer, ranked as "Second Lieutenant". He is the son of the Major General and the commander of GHQ.




Shu Ouma

Shu Ouma is the protagonist of "Guilty Crown". He is a 17-year-old second year student who is a part of the school's modern image and video research club. After a chance encounter, Shu Ouma manages to attain the "Power of Kings" on his right arm.



An expert hacker, serving as the operator for the Guerrilla Resistance Group "Undertaker". She is a cheeky 14-year-old and speaks her mind.

Inori cosed by Akairi
Shu cosed by Yumi
Daryl cosed by Rei
Tsugumi cosed by Kat

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