Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life in HK

Today is my fifth days staying in HK, this monday I just came back from China/Guilin. I was totally exhausted with this 6.5 days in Guilin/Yangsou.

Lets start with some photos taken in Hong Kong:

This shot was taken in cable car on 20 Oct 08, our journey back down from Ngong Ping 360 at Lantau Island.

Well on the same day I managed to catch the shows "A Symhony of Lights", this spectacular multimadi events, named the world's lagest permanent light and shound show by Guinness World Records.

This is fresh from my camera, today's show (28 Oct 08)

Well, I will be resting myself physically for these 2 days so will try to look through the China/Guilin photos and will update as soon as I get online again. Stay tune. :)

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