Saturday, October 4, 2008

Russell aka 'Monster'

It started on Thursday night, while having supper and chatting along with sister and Rebecca, the topic suddenly change to 'Russell'. A little cute dog that everyone feared, it has bitten numerous people include its master, fierce hor.

Knowing about its background, I took up the challenge to shoot for Russell.

"Hey, My name is Russell;
People call me little monster;
A Jack russell terrier;
I am 11 years old;
What I like, hmmmm terrorise;
What I hate, almost everything."
(quote from its master)

"Wei, enough shooting for the day can? I am getting tired, yawn"

"O right, last pose, make sure you do it nice;
else I'll bite u."

Well, maybe I was lucky, Russell didnt attack me today, feeling good and exciting in this special outdoor shoot. haha


Del said...

It was nice shots of the Russell, it will be better and great if there are shots of the Russell running around the bushes or playing with frisbee/ball?

Or maybe can make a video like the Fedex?

Hahas!! Anyway, really nice , dont mind I copy it !!

Nicholas VAX said...

Ya, agree next time need to bring some fisbee/ball.

Video!!, hahaha need to crone another female Russell.

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