Monday, June 22, 2009

Life in SG - Shiyuan Happily Blissed Turning 24

tsy 07

Here come the story...
20th June, it was a cloudy Saturday afternoon, in Tanjong Beach @ Sentosa. A girl named Shiyuan was happily enjoying her moment at the beach...

tsy 09

After awhile she felt boring ...looking into the sky and started thinking ~ 'when will he come! '

tsy 06

Within minutes, 2 tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter appeared from the golden sunset, zooming across the sky. Shiyuan couldn't believe what she saw...

tsy 05

The guy, Shiyuan was waiting, arrived...

tsy 03

"What took you so long bee?"
'Sorrie dar, just completed my mission at area 24'

tsy 08

And the romantic moment began...

tsy 11

tsy 12

tsy 10

tsy 13

tsy 14

tsy 15

tsy 16

Together they spend their precious moments having fun and enjoying moment of love...

- The END -
Actress: Shiyuan
Actor: Andy
Art Director: Vax
Photographer: Vax


Rin 。 said...

HAHHA! My head look so big! But thanks for spending the day for us! ;)

Yuuki said...

AWWW SO SWEEEEETTT!!! =D Wow awesome man!! You now have pretty photos Rin!!! =D =D

How come you guys suddenly went out together? =X

Rin 。 said...

That's is my birtday present!!!!! He had a hard time holding to the camera but I just couldn't SMILE naturally. -_-"|

Rhinestic said...

woh, pretty pretty!

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