Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life in SG - Navy Open House 2010

navy opening 2010 -01

Date: 220510(Sat)
Location: Changi Naval Base(CNB)
Time : 0830 to 1630 hrs(Transport to CNB)
Transportation location: Singapore Expo Hall 1

Woke up very early and met Albert for breakfast.... then heading to Singapore expo Hall 1. We were the 1st few to reach early and the sky was so dark .... got the feel of peace before the storm comming.

navy opening 2010 -03
Two Mine Countermeasure Vessel parked side by side.

navy opening 2010 -02

navy opening 2010 -05
Navy Frigate ready for action

navy opening 2010 -04

Ship Visits

Curious about the inside of Frigates, Landing Ships Tank, Missile Corvettes, Patrol Vessels and Mine Countermeasure Vessels? They were waiting to welcome you...

navy opening 2010 -06
Friendly navy officer greeted us while we were on board

navy opening 2010 -07
Missile Corvettes machine gun facing Landing Ships Tank

navy opening 2010 -08

It rained in the morning and cloudy skies throughout the morning...

navy opening 2010 -09

Navy Sea Display
Twice daily, the elite Naval Divers brought us an unforgettable show. Dropping into the sea from hovering Chinooks, the divers speed towards the waterfront. One ashore, be wowed by their prowess as they rescue hostages from a vessel.

navy opening 2010 -10

navy opening 2010 -11
Visited one of the Frigates

navy opening 2010 -12
Please Do/ not Touch

navy opening 2010 -13

In the afternoon the sky was cleared, where we were able to see some blue sky...

navy opening 2010 -16
On board of Landing Ships Tank

navy opening 2010 -17

navy opening 2010 -18

navy opening 2010 -19

navy opening 2010 -20

navy opening 2010 -22
Internal view of Landing Ships Tank ready to unload visitors

navy opening 2010 -21

navy opening 2010 -23

navy opening 2010 -24

Experienced what its like to be a sailor for a day. Here, you will be able to learn essential skills of a sailor.

navy opening 2010 -14

navy opening 2010 -15


sandra said...

like ur photo,especially 1st piece to fifth,the mood is good. :) what lens u use to shoot those photo? 17-55mm??

ps:seem like Albert hand very smooth o~wahaha....

Nicholas VAX said...

am using 18-105mm kit lens fot the whole day... lucky didnt bring 17-55mm as my lens got wet in the middle of queue.

ooo...how you know thats Albert hand?

sandra said...

yaloh,luckily u dint use 17-55mm~ otherwise u heart sure pain.haha...

of course i know that's albert hand lah,he is albert mah~haha...

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