Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life in TH - Glory of the Past, Ayutthaya (Part V)

Early morning, woke up and found that the sky was misty, felt very disappointed. Slowly took my time for breakfast waiting for the mist to clear. However, the sky looked the same through out the day:( . The morning plan was to visit 2 temple nearby.

ayutthaya 10

Wat Mahathat
Perhaps the most striking of all of the temples in Ayutthaya and is located the very heart of the city

Wat Mahathat is typical of the Ayutthaya ruins: large crumbling stupas surrounded by low laterite walls and rows of headless Buddhas. One Buddha-head is in a tree trunk.

ayutthaya 09
Rows of headless buddhas

ayutthaya 08

This Buddha head encased in a Banyan Tree (Strangler Fig) is probably one of the most photographed artifacts in Thailand outside Bangkok

ayutthaya 07

The temple's prang, at 46 m (150 ft) high, is one of the old city's most impressive edifices. With its picturesquely ruined stupas, Wat Mahathat is a great place to be at sunset.

ayutthaya 06a

ayutthaya 11

ayutthaya 05
New life growing out from the massive pile of rocks

Opening: 07:30 - 18:30 Daily
Admission: 50Baht

ayutthaya 12

Wat Ratchaburana
erected by King Boromracha II (1424-48) in memory of his elder brothers Ay and Yi, killed in a duel over the succession to the throne. Columns and walls of the wiharn still stand, as do some ruined chedis around the prang and also parts of the surrounding walls complete with lancet gateways. The large prang with its fine figured stucco, portraying nagas supporting garudas, is exceptionally well preserved.

ayutthaya 13
A pigeon walking on a burnt down headless buddha's leg

ayutthaya 18

In 1767 it was burnt down by the Burmese army and remained undisturbed until treasure hunters excavated the treasure room under the prang

ayutthaya 16

In September of 1957 A.D. looter dug into a two-level crypt inside the main prang (Khmer type tower) and stole a great quantity of valuable material. Police arrested some of these looters. The Fine Arts Department proceeded to excavate the site and found Buddha images and many artifacts made of gold. Among these were a large number of votive tablets made of gold and lead. In 1958 A.D. the Fine Arts Department built a stairway so that one could go down into the crypt and look at the mural paintings which were also found there.

ayutthaya 14
The entrance

ayutthaya 15
Look up, and might need a touch light here.

ayutthaya 17
Inside temple building looked out to the street

Openning: 07:30 - 18:30 Daily
Admission: 50Baht

Thanks for viewing my adventure in Ayutthaya, hope that some of the information will help you in your future visit to the glory of past, Ayutthaya.

ayutthaya 19
Lastly, not to forget this friendly and beautiful hotel receptionist at Ayutthaya Hotel... cheers

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