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Life in SG - Universal Studios SG, Soft Opening

Universal Studio SG 01

14 Apr 2010, visited the newly opened theme park in Singapore - Universal Studios

"Enter the thrilling world of movie magic as you “ride the movies” on roller coasters and other movie-themed attractions. Be dazzled and delighted by an immersive entertainment experience that brings the silver screen to life.Enter the thrilling world of movie magic as you “ride the movies” on roller coasters and other movie-themed attractions. Be dazzled and delighted by an immersive entertainment experience that brings the silver screen to life."

There are a few ways to spend a day in this fun theme park.

a. Queue up for all the exciting ride and prepare to get wet
b. Catch some of the stage performance and queue up for selected ride
c. Plan your timing on all the Stage/Street performances & character meet timing
d. Do whatever you like... hahaha

Universal Studio SG 02
The view from ticketing booth

Before I went into the park, I grabbed a Studio guide and a sheet of performances schedule. Got myself familiar with the place and planned according to the stage performances timing...

Universal Studio SG 24

Universal Studio SG 03

Kowabunga Kove
The wackist, kitschiest, capiest beach blanket singing sensation of the session! @Hollywood area.

Universal Studio SG 25

Next I joined the queue for Monster Rock @ Pantages Hollywood Theater
I enjoyed watching the infamous Universal monsters singing and dancing in a rock-n-roll musical. Very good sound and light effect... however no photography allowed.

Universal Studio SG 04

Party-Go- Round
Fun ride for kid...I had tried the ride too :) Am a big kid!

Universal Studio SG 29
Took this photo of Far Far Away from far far away...

Next I ventured into a place call Far Far Away...

"Movie stars, talking donkeys.…the land of Far Far Away showcases lifestyles of the rich and fairy taled. See how successful fantasy characters live within tall, graceful walls sweeping over a pavilion-covered courtyard."

Shrek 4-D Adventure
Let see, hear and FEEL the action right in your face. Hahaha, I liked the effect especially on the seat. I felt like in the adventure with Shrek & Princes Fiona....

Universal Studio SG 07
The entrance to Donkey LIVE

Donkey LIVE
Had a chance to interact live with Shrek's sidekick DONKEY :)

Universal Studio SG 06

Universal Studio SG 05
Magic Potion Spin

Universal Studio SG 27

Enchanted Airways
I climbed aboard Donkey’s beloved Dragon for a flight over Far Far Away and beyond. Took the front seat and had a short feel of wind, it ended too fast... kick sia.

Universal Studio SG 28

Universal Studio SG 26

Happily Ever After
Meet up with Shrek and princess Fiona. I liked this family reaction while everyone was focus on Shrek and the mom kept asking them to look at the camera....

Universal Studio SG 08

The WaterWorld @ The lost world
Witness death-defying stunts,awesome explosions and thrills at this sensational 'LIVE' show

Universal Studio SG 09

Universal Studio SG 10

Universal Studio SG 11

Universal Studio SG 12
meet the actor photograph session

Next jumped straight to the Ancient Egypt

Universal Studio SG 15

Didnt try the Revenge of the Mummy, because I didn't want to lock up my gear, so i decided to take a rest and shot the army of Anubis instead.

Universal Studio SG 16

Universal Studio SG 14

Sci-Fi City
The city of the future has arrived. Both Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN & Battlestar Galactica: CYLON were under maintenance.

I tried the Accelerator.... turning turning & turning... hahahha, I almost saw stars after 30sec

Universal Studio SG 17

After Sci-Fi city, I reached New York...

Saw people calling, quickly joined in the queue... ... Lights, Camera, Action!

The only indoor area, where photography is allowed....

Universal Studio SG 20
Very good effect, I felt I was in a disaster movie...

Universal Studio SG 19

The Rockafellas brought us an up close and personal taste of B-Boyin.

Universal Studio SG 23

And of cos don't forget to meet the Univeral cast of Characters, from the glamorous Marilyn Monroe to the wacky Woody Woodpecker and more, along the legendary Hollywood Boulevard.

Universal Studio SG 18

Universal Studio SG 22

Universal Studio SG 21


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