Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pet Shop of Horrors - Part I




Dream - Birds of Paradise, 极乐鸟


The japanese name for Strelitzia is "Gokuraku Cho Ka" or "Bird of Paradise" the name of a tropical flower.

The first unusual pet to spread it's wings in the first volume of the manga. A tropical bird from a deserted island in the far southern seas that takes on a sort of human form. The male of this species is beautiful and colourful, and can sing like an angel, entrancing all who hear it. The female, however, doesn't sing and isn't colourful at all.


The Stelitzia's costume is taken from Bali's Legong dance costume.Contract of agreement:
1. Feed him fresh fruit daily.
2. Do not show him to anyone else.
3. If he starts to sing you must go to his side. Unless he sees you listening to his singing, he will not stop. Even if he were to start bleeding from his throat, he would continue to sing.

Dummy - Nine-tailed Fox, Ten-chan ,九尾狐


Ten-chan is a shape-shifting nine-tailed fox with a relaxed personality and a crude manner of speech. His ability to shape-shift is so good that he can look like several different things at the same time, depending on who's looking at him. He also has the ability to mimic the personality of whatever he's shifted into and seems to have somewhat occult powers as well. It is uncertain how he got the name "Ten-chan", since he said once that it was not his name; it may have been derived from tenko, which is the highest rank a kitsune can achieve.

To most people, when he's not transformed, Ten-chan looks like a little white fox with multiple tails. To the Count and Chris, he looks like a laid-back young man wearing casual clothes.

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