Monday, March 28, 2011

Pet Shop of Horrors - Part II


Despair - Medusa, 美杜莎

Robin Hendricks, actor, is found dead in his apartment. Detective Leon, ever on the scene, discovers a dead lizard on his corpse. He immediately suspects the Count.

A sugary treat convinces the Count to be talkative, and he tells Leon that the life of Robin was a lonely one. His wife had left him and his acting career was going nowhere because he had been typecast. All he had was his collection of exotic lizards.


On a visit to the pet shop, he purchased a one-of-a-kind pet - a Medusa lizard. Having the tail of a snake and the body of a woman, the Medusa lizard must always wear a blindfold, for her gaze could kill. All Robin had to remember was never look into its eyes. Inspired by his new creature, Robin gives his all at his next audition. But sometimes that just isn't enough...


According to legend this species was kept as a murder weapon. They'd lure their enemy with thier enchanting appearence and as soon as they were close enough they would take of thier eye mask and stare at the enemy. Those who met her gaze would be turned into stone. Like the creature that appears in greek mythology, Medusa.

Her costume is in the Erte style.
Contract of agreement:
1. Always provide her with fresh fruits or live food.
2. Do not show her to anyone.
3. Do not look at her eyes.

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