Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pet Shop of Horrors - Part III


Dynasty - Hou-oh (Phoenix), 青凤


Dual - Kirin, 麒麟

A young congressman, Roger, tries to convince the Count to sell him a legendary beast called a Kirin. The Count refuses and tells him the Kirin decides to whom it will belong.

Later, Roger's manager Kelly has a long talk with Roger's wife Nancy, who is unhappy with politics. Kelly feels he owes it to Roger to have him elected President; Nancy feels Kelly is just being used by her lothario husband.


After Kelly and Nancy revisit the shop, The Count informs them he will now sell the Kirin. Roger and Kelly return the following day, whereupon the Kirin, in the guise of a little girl, is given to them. The Count reiterates the Kirin will decide who is its master, and grant its master one wish.

On the way back home, a school bus full of children is in peril, but the quick thinking of Roger and Kelly prevent a disaster. However, their car goes over a cliff. Which man will the Kirin call master and allow to live?


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Anonymous said...


I would like to try and Cosplay the two characters from Pet Shop of Horrors-Part 3 aswell (really good cosplays by the way and great photos!).
I know Kirin and when she first appears, but I don't know when the other character shows up...(reference photos).

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