Monday, November 10, 2008

China - Guilin [part V]

Back in Singapore today! Took the 10 am flight from Macau. Felt good to be back though it rained the whole afternoon.

It's time to continue my Guilin/Yangsou story, I spent two and a half days in Yangsou which meant I had three chances to see sunrise. Sad to say that there was no sunrise during the three days of my stay eventhough I woke up 5.30am daily.

The view above is right outside the hotel corridor. Dont you think it looks like a chinese drawing?

Well, this is the spot I waited for three mornings to capture the sunrise.

In the afternoon, we traveled to the nearby village to shoot sceneries of locals and mountains. Rain was with me the whole afternoon. Wet wet wet!

Well, overall I love this place, people and the food. It's really an enjoyable trip, I will definately go back again.
Next, I will be sharing my short trip to Guangdong-Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Zhuhai.

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