Thursday, November 13, 2008

China - ShenZhen/Zhuhai

After trip to Guilin, I went back to Hong Kong for a short break where I met up with my auntie and cousins. We went into Shenzhen on Saturday, and its a whole day of massage from head to toe, hahaha though I dont really enjoy it but my cousin love it.

The next morning, I went to the Shenzhen miniature world to experience the world most famous bulding in mini form. Well inside ther not much to shoot. Been doing a lots snap shot of people rather than the mini building.

It was just 2 days pass Halloween, as I can see many haunted attraction in the miniature world. School children were here for the adventure 'around the world in 1 day' hahaha.

After ShenZhen, I moved on to Guangzhou where I only stayed for 1 night (the weather is bad and raining). I decided to travel south to Zhuhai in the hope of getting better weather.
Well I was just unlucky, the rain followed me to Zhuhai toooo :(

The above is a scene near the little fishing village at Hengqin island, where I took a cab from Zhuhai town at 5.30am. Trying my luck hoping to see sunrise, well it started to rain on the way :(

Above is the Zhuhai Fisherwoman, 8.7m high and weighs 10 tons. This huge stone carving composed of 70 pieces of granite is now a symbol of Zhuhai city.

In Zhuhai, I also visited the new yuanmingyuan park. It is located at the foot of Dashilin mountain at Lanpu by Jiuzhou Boulevard. The park is built by modeling after Beijing's Yuanmingyuan Park before it was burned down at scale 1:1. There is lots of performace in the park, so I spent my whole afternoon watching and shooting performance.
Since the weather was bad in the 3 days and 2 night of my stay in Zhuhai, I decided to return Hong Kong earlier.
Next will be the continuation - Life in Hong Kong.

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