Thursday, November 6, 2008

China - Guilin [part IV]

Back to Hong Kong yesterday from Zhuhai, quite a boring trip (sad to say that) b'cos the weather was so bad that I couldnt take many photos, sad.

Let's continue with my journey in Guilin. I took a local package where I travelled by bus to Xiping town and then by boat up and down the beautiful Lijiang river.

Along the river, I was standing on the deck of the boat throughout the journey with camera on hand. It was freezing COLD especially when the boat was speeding. Here, I could see different sizes and shapes of hill along the side of Lijiang river even though the sky looked misty. It created a very interesting scene.

After the river trip, we went to the little village near Moon mountain for our lunch. This mountain is named 'MOON' b'cos while traveling along/around it you will be able to see different shape of moon from different angle, interesting right?

Are you able to find the 'Moon'?
Well, next I will show some of the photos taken in Yangsou, the beautiful/famous town in Guilin. Stay tuned...
+ This morning finally able to see sunrise, could'nt stop shooting :P

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