Friday, November 14, 2008

Life in HK - Halloween 08

Let the party begin.
Its a yearly event - Halloween 08 in HK. Meeting up with friends, we walked along the Lan Kwai Fong street. Not surprising to see many people dressing up in different type of costume. Everyone was enjoying in their moment, be it an angel, devil or monster.

Here I will share some photos of kids in holloween nights.

'I wish I can fly... Cant see anything while everyone is so tall : ('

' Higher, higher pls...'

'OMG. so many ghost around me, so scare...'

'Hehehe, will I be the highlight of the day?'

'How can we loss to kids in costume, lets rock the night......Ouch who knock my head?'

I enjoyed this special event and had a great time shooting different 'GHOST' + 1 devil & 1 angel around me whole night, thanks gals you know who you are :D

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